This past session we touched upon our Heart Chakra and the element of Air. We discussed what love looks like and means for us, how balance is important in all that we do and how much it plays into our actions/reactions. We pondered areas in our lives where we need to lighten the load, and how roles play apart of how we approach situations. Honor your capacity! Are you balanced with work/rest, relationships, your identities, ect…?

Journaling Prompts

~ Think about your family of origin. How was love defined and expressed in your family?

~ How can you cultivate empathy for people close to you as well as acquaintances, and strangers?

~ When you feel compassion towards others, how do you express that compassion? What prevents you and helps you to be a compassionate person?

This months color is Green. Make note of this color in your daily life and what it brings up for you. May it be growth, harmony, freshness, safety, and healing. Consider pondering these questions, especially during these times and join me at the next session

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