This past Sunday we touched upon our Solar Plexus Chakra and the element of Fire. We discussed how our personal power shows up, the difference between having power “over” someone or something and how we could lean into having power “with” someone or something. Think about what power looked like as a child in your household and how much of that plays into who you are now? 

Journaling Prompts

~ Do your personal habits support who you aspire to be?

~ Do you take responsibility for things then resent it?

~ Are you judgemental of others? Where does it come from? 

~ What does your self-esteem look like right now? 

The last prompt is what I pulled for myself at this most recent session. Consider pondering these questions and join me at the next one!

This months color is Yellow. Make note of this color in your daily life and what it brings up for you. May it be sunshine, joy, happiness, conscious intellect, cheerfulness and lots of energy.

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